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On the outside Im a nice little boy playful and friendly. Inside there is a demon lurking deep inside me, waiting to show its ugly face. This monster has a hunger not for the innocent virgins like in the movies and books.

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This monster feeds on dirty little sluts, a nasty little freak is the only thing that can satisfy its hunger. He needs a bitch thatll suck his rock hard cock while he sucks on her pussy with his finger deep in her ass. A whore thats pussy can take a beating then, just before he releases, hes shoves that dick back in her mouth and makes her swallow his seed. A freaky little cunt that needs him to strangle her, while hes got her on all fours beeging him “harder daddy, harder”

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This monster has been trapped away for way too long for there are very few brave enough to tame him therefore I must keep him locked away deep inside.