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Whore Wife

He awoke early, lifted the cover from his sleeping WhoreWife, and saw to his delight small drops of his juices slowly seeping out.
He made coffee, two large jugs, one for her, one for him, he showered, shaved dressed the gathered all the camera chips and devices, with his lap top and coffee and went of to the beach, where he up loaded them all, and sent them of to his cloud.
Then he watched the sunrise.
Then at breakfast he was overwhelmed, so many people all rushing around, so most of the guests are leaving, outside convoys of coaches were preparing to take them all to the airport. It would be a nice quite week he thought. He waited then found a quite corner, ate quickly, went back to the beach and fell back asleep on a lounger.


His wife showed up at lunchtime at the beach bar, looking really worse for wear,and not in the best of moods. Menstruation and Menopause the curse of middle aged women. She spent the rest of the day in the fitness rooms.

After lunch , he remained on the beach , waiting for his two little whores to visit.
He took them for a walk along the beach to a few secluded sand dunes, and spent the rest of the afternoon , larking about and taking photos, lots of photos