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I may get backlash with that title, but the thing is everyone opens up just because your a big mocho man that has a big dick doesn’t mean you don’t open up too.

I have said very minimal of my life tale to many, but for me when I go into detail giving explanations and discriptions of my past more an average tale that one would read in on book synopsis that is me opening up.

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When I’m comfortable enough to allow myself to shutter under a touch that reminds me of the same done in anger and hate once is me opening up. Teen girl first fuk large penis video.

The reason I’m a Dom is because I fear with every part of my being being controlled and to allow or even think about letting someone do something to me that was once done in anger and hate is the most trustworthy thing I could ever give someone.

Trust is a big part of a relationship and for me to trust someone it would mean first I would have to see if they are okay with sitting back and letting me tell my horrible tale consisting of pictures and going to locations to see where my tale is based in and at some point. I as a Dom, could be a sub for the right person.

Some dom’s could be a sub under certain circumstances for me I have yet to find the right one. Big sex video.

I’m more comfortable as a Dom. I am more comfortable when I have control

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I have many triggers to allow someone to hit all those triggers and know I’m okay and I don’t have to worry is the greatest gift I could ever give someone.

When some lucky lady gets that gift I hope she doesn’t squander it and realize what it means.